Just to give you an idea of who is writing this blog, and the owner of this website, I am Jacob White. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend.  I feel it is my calling to open up a discussion where people can share ideas.  The thing about ideas is they are very personal.  The blogs that I write are extremely personal.  If you only knew the time I invest in a single blog post, you would be shocked.  I am a voracious reader and only rarely will I read fiction.  I enjoy reading very deep material from philosophers and theologians of the 1600’s to the 1900’s, economists of the early 1900’s, scholars and theologians of the 21st century and other blogs and books. I try to reference any material that I read with the Bible to determine its validity.  The thing about ideas is that sometimes I am right, and sometimes I am wrong.  I will freely admit that. But I will continue to read and learn. And while I feel extremely vulnerable to open my ideas up to anyone that wants to read and comment, I trust that everyone will be civil.  Maybe we can learn from each other.

The journey that led me to this point can be traced back to 9/11/2001. Dismayed at the horror of that day, I was in full support of striking back. I swallowed all of the news, shows, and writings of Fox News, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others.  As time progressed, in 2003, I was told we must attack Iraq due to Weapons of Mass Destruction, which honestly confused me but I still believed.  Once the lies of that war were exposed, I found myself dismayed yet again.  This time I was shocked at the lack of honesty in government.  Looking back I find it somewhat humorous that I was shocked.  However, I started searching for a better way.  That led me to conventional Libertarian thought and books like “The Law” by Frederick Bastiat, podcasts by Tom Woods, and too many blogs to count. Beyond that, I have finally settled on simply just Biblical thought on politics.  That has changed everything.  No more Democrat or Republican.  No more Libertarian.  No more Independent.  The more I read and the more I studied, the more I realized how out of step I was, as an American Christian, in relation to Biblical principles concerning government.  That has led me to being dismayed a third time at the posts, conversations, memes, and lack of true, honest love for fellow man. Yet, I also realize that it has taken me nearly 20 years to get where I am. I do not expect anyone to be convinced overnight of anything I write.  I also understand that tradition and beliefs are extremely personal for everyone, so I will try to be as gentle and understanding in my approach as I can.  But if I feel led to at least shine a light.